Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knowing: With Good Intent

Mediocre, high profile studio flicks with actors that I really don't care for become a whole lot more interesting when you see and read all the behind-the-scenes stuff. There are actually "ideas," "inspiration", "art" and "thought" that go behind making even the most generic looking disaster-of-the-week movies. Who knew? Such is the case for Alex Proyas' newest film-a project originally attached to Donnie Darko director, Richard Kelly-Knowing...with Nicolas Cage.

The National Treasure movies were fairly bland at best-although I enjoyed the second slightly more than the first. Ghost Rider was one of the more painful viewing experiences I have had to endure in recent years-and in the theatre to boot. (I can't believe the studio just greenlit a second installment). Is Moonstruck really the only good film Nicolas Cage has done in...ever? Proyas has stated that Knowing is the "polar opposite of National Treasure" so maybe there is a reason to be looking forward to the movie on some level.

In any case, I found this article on io9 to be an eye-opening look into the production of Knowing and it admittedly pushed me slightly forward in the direction of wanting to see it-if only to get a sense of the artistic intent and a different look at apocalypse narratives-and even then, perhaps only on DVD.

Knowing comes out on March 20, 2009.


Kj said...

would be worth a guiltily curious look

I'd put "Adaptation" up as Nicholas Cage's other outstanding performance

Ian said...

Definitely a movie-not just a Cage one-that I need to revisit.