Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to my Blogroll is a blog that I have followed with some regularity over the past six months or so, but for some reason I had not yet added it to the links in the sidebar. Jamie Boudreau moved from Vancouver, Canada a few years ago to Seattle to be the lead bartender at one of my favorite Seattle bars, VESSEL. For reasons not completely known to me, Boudreau decided to move on and take a lead position at Tini Bigs, a renowned martini bar in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Tini Bigs used to be a major player in the Seattle cocktail scene and it had still boasted the best martini in town before Boudreau walked in the door. As one of the best mixologists in the world, Boudreau has brought attention anew to the bar having revamped the menu infusing it with classics and some of his spectacular concoctions himself. His blog is filled with recipes, history, beautiful photography and insights into the life of a professional mixologist as he is called on internationally for consultations, competitions and seminars. Boudreau's drinks are some of the best I have ever had.

Head over for inspiration, knowledge and pretty pictures!

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