Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music in the 'house

Some of the music that has been chosen for Dollhouse thus far. These may change before airing, but there are some interesting choices.

I wasn't watching Buffy when it was on television, so I don't know fully to what extent the music choices-such as the artists and songs played at The Bronze-were informed by contemporary music. Thoughts?

February 13th

Lady Gaga - "Just Dance"

"Gray Hour"
February 20th

Sia - "I Go To Sleep"

"The Target"
February 27th

Light FM - "The High"

Via Dollverse.

It was also recently announced that Rob Simonsen would be composing the music for Dollhouse. He has worked on the scores for Capote, Little Miss Sunshine, Fracture and Surf's Up among many other projects.


Ryan said...

1) How do you feel about Lady GaGa? I don't know if I have thoughts about her -- I like "Just Dance," but...I don't know.

2) I think Joss once said that he typically went for no-name musicians at the Bronze etc. because they were cheaper, and no rights had to be cleared. The major exception was Michelle Branch in season six (I think in "Tabula Rasa"). There are a couple of Sarah McLachlan songs around, but the rest are pretty obscure.

Ian said...

I'm fine with "Just Dance" but my only concern would be how it would date the episode.