Saturday, January 17, 2009

Toni Doesn't Disappoint with Tara

Tomorrow night, Showtime will air the pilot episode of The United States of Tara created by Steven Spielberg and developed and produced by Diablo Cody, starring Toni Collette. I've always really liked Toni Collette and she chooses such diverse characters to play. She is so adaptable. Needless to say, The United States of Tara is a perfect television for her to showcase her art. I nearly forgot that it was Toni Collette on screen amidst the three "alters" that surface during the first episode. Each of her personalities that has been revealed thus far from the slutty, 15-year old, "T" to the homophobic, trash-talking, male-gendered personality, "Buck" are so well defined and the results are funny but often heartbreaking. This is dark comedy at its finest. I have no doubt that the other writers, Cody, Collette, the talented ensemble cast including John Corbett as the supportive husband and Brie Larson as the angst-ridden teenage girl with a fractured mother will manage to navigate the drama and comedy with success. Even if Juno did not reach your built-up expectations as was my experience, Cody's wit and sharp humor finds a depth and scope with an able cast and a premise with great potential.

If you have Netflix, you can view the pilot instantly or head over to Showtime where you're able to stream it online.

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