Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Final Watchmen Poster

Here is the final poster for Watchmen, which is being released on March 6th of this year. I'm happy the legal battles between Fox and Warner Brothers is over and there is likely to be no tangible aftermath for the fans-Warner Brothers, on the other hand, will have to fork out a heavy amount of cash as Fox technically still held the rights to the film-for 20 some odd years.

Below is a mock-up of a photograph taken of Dr. Manhattan as he aids in the American forces in Vietnam on the first day of Operation Wrath of God (June 15 1970) during the alternate history depicted in Watchmen.

I was able to read Watchmen over the holidays between long plane rides and hours of waiting at airports. It really is a phenomenal piece of literature. The characters are full of enormous depth and there text itself transcends both the typical novel and graphic novel forms with a novel within a novel and historical documents and articles from the period that do wonders to add to the "authenticity" of the work. It reads very much like exploits from a thrilling part of our own history-even one that didn't actually happen-because the writing, timeline and cultural references are so poignant. On my part, I found it immensely fascinating that the main events of Watchmen, take place over the week of my birth in an alternate 1985-I had no idea before I picked it up. Alan Moore also writes his superheros with souls-something that has been tried so many times since the book was written in 1985 in comics and films, but rarely achieved. The "Watchmen"-though they are never pinned with that name in the book-are grounded in their own personalities, motivations and environments. There's a reason this book is on TIME magazine's list of the top 100 novels.

I would do my best to find a copy of it before you see the film. I expect to refer to Watchmen again and again in my personal reading and writing in addition to future academic efforts.

Read it. Love it. And come see it with me on March 6th!

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