Friday, February 13, 2009

Why, how snapdragon of you.

Illustrator Jason Logan gives his take on modern floriography-the practice of attaching meaning to particular specimens of flowers in a simple painting series at the New York Times.

Eight more illustrated definitions from the collection in "The Sweet Smell of Semantics".

If you're interested in the full list of flowers and their meanings-something I've always found interesting, but like horoscopes, only think about them occasionally when they strike a chord-you can peruse an extensive selection here.

So, you may want to think twice before getting me that bouquet of orange blossoms and Queen Anne's lace for Valentine's Day this year. I would take it to mean that you want my babies. Or, okay, maybe you might want that. I don't know.


Ryan said...

I quite like Logan's interpretation of the Goldenrod...

Anonymous said...

Score, now I know which flowers to go with! ;)