Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Sunday

This is what my Super Bowl Sunday looked like: (Times are approximate)

9:50 Wake-up. Text Keith, "brunch?" Keith: "Yes." Me: "Grocery store. 15 minutes."

10:45 Coffee. A big plate of biscuits & gravy, eggs.

11:00 Angel Season 1, Episode 1, "City Of"

12:00 Keith: "Want to go to the gym." Me: "No." Me: "Actually, yes."

12:30 Gym. Elliptical. Weights. Balancing thingy. More weights. Abs. Shower.

2:00 Keith: "Mecquet wants to watch the Super Bowl." Me: "Oh. Okay." Mecquet: "Well maybe we don't actually have to watch it." Me: "Well, we can have it on while we do other things like filling out my FAFSA and doing Taxes." Mecquet: "I win." Keith & Mecquet: "Let's get beer and chips." Me: "Okay."

2:15 Grocery store. Walk to Keith's.

3:00 Super Bowl

3:05 Open computer. Start taxes.

3:15 Ooh, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra teaser trailer. Looks like it could be mindless summer fun. Directed by Stephen Sommers-who did The Mummy flicks.

3:16 More taxes.

3:30 Me: "Mecquet, what's a 'turnover'?" Tom: "It's like a baked crisp, apple desser-" Mecquet: "It's just when the other team gets the ball." Me: "Oh. Okay. Cool."

3:55 Ooh, new Star Trek trailer. Definitely awesome with tons of new footage.

4:00 Finish taxes.

4:05 Eat chips.

4:10 Finish beer.

4:11 At this point, I'm feeling very American-all with the taxes, beer and Super Bowl.

4:12 Start FAFSA. Not too hard now that I'm no longer an undergraduate and my taxes are done.

4:30 Ooh, Land of the Lost trailer with Will Ferrell. Does not look very good. At all.

4:50 Finish FAFSA.

4:52 Open a new beer. Surf online and come across Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl teaser trailer-which at this point has not even aired during the Super Bowl. I have no idea how that happens. The internet is magic. Me: "Mecquet, I found the Transformers trailer online that you've been waiting all afternoon to see." Mecquet: "I hate you. Then this whole afternoon of watching the Super Bowl has been pointless. I'm waiting."

5:15 Mecquet: "Okay if the Transformers trailer hasn't come on during this commercial break we're watching it online."

5:17 Me: "No Transformers." Hook computer up to big TV. Watch Transformers trailer on the internet. Apparently the scenes in the trailer are just from the first 20 minutes of the movie. It should make for a thrilling theatrical experience.

5:45 Transformers 2 trailer finally airs on the television. High definition one is better than the YouTube version, obviously.

6:00 Randy calls. Randy: "Car got broken into. Nothing stolen just a smashed window. Do you want to drive to the movie?" Mecquet: "I'll drive."

6:05 Pick up Randy and Lacey.

6:20 Eat at Chipotle. Delicious. Since I stopped living in the University District, going to Chipotle is always such a treat. This week I was spoiled. I went twice.

7:10 Walk to The Varsity theatre on the Ave.

7:15 Sit down in the theatre. See Were the World Mine. Trailer here. Review to come.

9:05 Leave theatre. Drive home.

9:30 Eat Trader Joes Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh my gosh. So good.

10:00 Bedtime.

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