Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Why hello, birthday!"

Our favorite fashionista icon, Brenda Dickson, turned the big 6-0 today. Remember her?

I was just thinking that it had been a while since I had last visited the home of our ostrich-feathered,red-leathered 80s soap diva. And I really couldn't let this opportunity pass by without posting this once more:

Deven Green has created a few more "Welcome To My Home" parodies since the first one that had over 2 million hits, but the original above still takes the cake. The most recent video came out a couple months ago and you can view it along with the rest, including another goodie, "Welcome To My Face Off", at Green's YouTube channel.

Nikki and Ryan, am I right in my recollection that about 75 percent of our conversations at Slayage had something to do with either Buffy or Brenda?

I'll take partial credit for introducing the latter to the great city of Toronto. :)

"Why hello, amorous, congruous stick! You know what's good in my mouth? This carrot. Never met a carrot I didn't like. Except for this one!..."


Ryan said...

Deven Green has an online store at cafepress -- I want to buy the coffee mug that says, "What the hell is thish wordsh?!"


Also, I can't wait for your Were the World Mine review -- I came *thisclose* to seeing it but saw the trailer and was like.......

But it's a Chicago film, so I may have betrayed my city a bit.

Ian said...

Oh my gosh. I have to get that mug!