Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Trilogy Meter

Dan Meth has created a table representing his feelings about movie trilogies. According to him, it is based "purely on [his] enjoyment level...and nothing else." For the most part, I'm inclined to agree with his "ratings." I love that The Lord of the Rings trilogy received consistent marks-a result of being filmed back to back, maybe, or because they were born from a wildly creative and talented team of people. Star Wars was really one of the first trilogies that was self-contained-it has the highest overall marks. Prequels-I'm not counting you.

There are a few series that I am less qualified to rate as I haven't seen them all or even in part-Rambo, Mad Max, Rocky, Die Hard or The Godfather (I know, I'm terrible). Still, it is interesting to see how many sequels are considered better than their predecessors. Third film in a trilogy? Not so much.

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