Thursday, September 25, 2008

Valkyrie in Three

I think this newly released poster for Bryan Singer's WWII epic, Valkyrie, is an example of some great design.

I like the starkness of the black and white contrasted with the red-it's hard to go wrong with that color combination. The use of blueprints in the background is a fantastic graphic element and the inclusion of the red line running through it recalls the spy-centric narrative of Valkyrie, which surrounds the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The bent red line is reminiscent of a swastika further contextualizing the movie. In addition, I'm always a fan of incorporating the credits into the overall layout of the poster.

This movie has had numerous release dates-I counted a total of five-a reshoot or two, and more than a few controversies and after all of that Valkyrie finally has a release date of December 26, 2008.

I am trying not to be bothered by the casting of Tom Cruise-a bitter point increased by the fact that Patrick Wilson was once set to be in the film-but the movie has had several successfull test screenings and I really enjoyed what Bryan Singer did with the X-Men movies.

I do also have a great affinity for World War II films and stories, which if nothing else, will get me into the theatre for Valkyrie come December or early January. One of the most moving experiences in my life was playing Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, in a stage production of The Diary of Anne Frank in Germany. The cast had the opportunity to meet with Anne Frank's last living relative, Buddy Elias. Props I kept from the show were my wedding ring, a yellow felt Star of David with "Jude" printed on it, and the scarf my "daughter" knitted. That whole period of my life has stuck with me and for good reason. I'm continually drawn to that narrative. Recently, I have enjoyed Intiman's production of The Diary of Anne Frank and before that I was awed by Paul Verhoeven's phenomenal film, Black Book.

I probably won't see Valkyrie the day after Christmas when it opens, but I will make an outing of it soon after.

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Ryan said...

Oh, Tom Cruise. I *really* hope that he runs the talk show circuit in the coming months to do promotion for the film, by which I mean having more mini-meltdowns and such.