Monday, September 29, 2008

The Banana: Atheist's Nightmare

This was too entertaining to pass up. Kirk Cameron and co. proving the existence of God with a banana.

This clip resurfaced after the numbers rolled in for Kirk Cameron's new message-based film Fireproof came in with a $6.5 million dollars in receipts making it the highest grossing movie on opening weekend this year that came out on less than 1,000 screens (Hannah Montana's 3D concert extravaganza was #1). Word is church groups all over the country bought up tickets and sold out theatres like it was a front row seat to the the second coming.

Source: Slash Film.

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Ryan said...

I've always loved this clip -- it puts me in a good mood.

For extended viewing pleasure, find their debate on YouTube against two atheists; their evidence is hilariously bizarre.