Sunday, September 28, 2008

Comic Books & Juice Part II

Part I of Comic Books & Juice revolved around an excursion to purchase the latest issues of Angel: After the Fall, Buffy Season 8 and an Odwalla juice.

Last night's events paralleled the geek-saturated nature of that former experience in the viewing of two movies of the science-fiction variety and "juice" by which I mean "juice + booze."

First up on the agenda was a screening of Cloverfield for an under-the-weather friend at his new apartment. It was the first time he had seen it. Mid-way through the attempt at characterization early on in the film (pre-devestation) and the 90210 meets Gossip Girl meets American Apparel models I went to the store to buy among other things, Prosecco and Orange Juice-the latter did double duty as extra Vitamin C for my sick friend and half of my mimosas throughout the evening.

As was the desire of our ill and gracious host, we followed Cloverfield by watching another disaster movie, this one entitled The Day After, no not that Day After. It was produced for television in 1983 with an array of actors in the early stages of their career including John Lithgow and Steve Guttenberg-whose character's name I appreciated: Stephen Klein. The Day After is a disturbing look at the possibility of a full on nuclear war with rather graphic depictions of doomsday.

If you're interested, The Doomsday Clock currently reads five minutes to midnight, last updated on the 17th of January 2007.

While "juice" was not strictly "juice" and the movies weren't based on comic books per se, the tag "Comic Books & Juice" just seemed appropriate for the occasion.

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Jeff said...

Cloverfield is one of my Favorite Mosnter movies of all time, perfectly made in my eyes!