Monday, September 29, 2008


It's hard to determine what the best part about this year's Definitely, Maybe, which I thought was one of those surprise enjoyable and adorable romantic comedies that I don't have a problem confessing I liked. Ryan Reynolds is handsome as always as Will Hayes-though his characterization is a bit bland when all is said and done. Abigail Breslin, in her biggest role at the time since Little Miss Sunshine, is exceptional and given a decent script to play out. But the stand-out, step-out role was that of April Hoffman played by Isla Fisher, who had not been in more than one or two films I had seen prior-and nothing as substantial. She wafts between the sweet, comedic and meaningful.

There's just something about her that's incredibly charming. I also find her very attractive-her redheaded-ness is a plus too-crushing just a bit here. With that confession-here are a few more of those in the trailer for Confessions of a Shopaholic hitting theaters in February of next year.

Will this be the next Devil Wears Prada or a forgettable chick-flick? Regardless I'm glad she's doing well-still looking cute-and hopefully we will see even more of her in the future.

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