Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear David

Dear David,

I heart you.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with David Boreanaz who revealed some of his likes, dislikes, guilty pleasures and entertaining domestic habits. He seems like such a nice, jovial, good-natured family-man. As I watched Angel, I always loved it when he smiled. The characters on the show even voiced such a desire at several moments during the series. I also would not have minded of the wet-button-down-shirt-look but Mr. Boreanaz was usually costumed in black attire.

In the exchange, David also mentions that he thinks the most overrated television show is Heroes and explains "we were doin' that in '97 with Buffy." The interview can be found in its entirety here.

Which one of these could you go the longest without: iPod, cell phone, DVR, or hair gel?
DVR, because I don't have one.

Wait, what?
I hate TiVo, I hate DVRs. I do not get them. You tell me why I need a DVR.

Because you can tape two things at once.
If I miss something, I miss it. Why would I tape it to watch it on another day that there's [live] television? That makes no sense to me whatsoever. But I don't watch TV. I watch sports, the Food Network and the gardening channel. What, am I gonna DVR, a recipe? [Thinks about it] That would be nice. Watch Molto Mario make a nice lasagna, I'm all about that. I'm gettin' a DVR! Barefoot Contessa is hilarious, just the way they shoot it. And Everyday Italian is really good — the way she cuts garlic is fantastic. Nice and sharp....

And this is a perfect time to reveal number...oh, I don't know, I lost count...a few more guilty pleasures, The Food Network in general and one sweet little Italian cook in particular. I have had a huge crush on Giada-Giada De Laurentiis (because we're on a first name basis)-of the Food Network show, Everyday Italian, since the first day I watched the show. I used to come home from class in college, make a fontina grilled cheese sandwhich on walnut bread and watch her show at 1:30PM on Weekdays and at 1:00PM on Saturdays. She's perky, beautiful and I have her cookbook. I've systematically gone through about half of it, I think, and it's all superb. I hear there's a DVD of the show. If I had that, I may never leave my kitchen.

As David says in this article, Barefoot Contessa,is really really funny-in a probably-not-intended-to-be-funny-at-all sort of way. It takes place in and around Ina Garten's New England home where she hosts many a dinner party with her friends-namely middle aged gay men-with the utmost pretension.

"Let's flavor up this homemade whipped cream with Chambord because I have all the time in the world and then we can cut fresh herbs from my perfectly manicured gardens-from the south side of the house, not the north-and sprinkle them on this lamb I purchased from the local butcher whose name is Isaac and then we can sip these cocktails I made with the vodka I have been infusing with rosemary for the last six months while we watch old French movies on the veranda and giggle every once in awhile like old friends as we isolate the viewers from our oh-so-entertaining-lives."

When it comes to dinner, she might even give Martha a run for her money. As with Martha, it's hard to stop watching the inadvertent condescension and haughty attitudes. And adding "Barefoot" to the word "Contessa" doesn't make the show's title any less presumptuous.

At this point, it might go without saying that I am right there with Liz Lemon from 30 Rock when it comes to my television interests.

Jack: "You don't watch the news, Lemon?"
Liz: "Food Network doesn't have a news show."

Speaking of which, 30 Rock will have it's 3rd Season Premiere on my birthday, October 30th!

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