Saturday, August 30, 2008

The White Van

For my job, I often am required to book shuttle service for large groups and one of the companies I was recommended by a colleague of mine was Seattle Shuttle. I very much trust the gentleman who suggested I use their services, although after increasingly odd interactions with their staff members and their use of large, unmarked vans makes me slightly apprehensive about calling them too often.

For example, while waiting for a pick-up a few weeks ago, one of the drivers-an incessant talker with deep set eyes and a greasy, brown ponytail-casually mentioned to me that he would like to murder the person who invented text messaging with a long-range rifle. He he he...

"Yeah...alright, sir...I'll just step over here."

I thought the circumstances merited a haiku.

Seattle Shuttle
Your generic white vans come
to kidnap my guests.


jschafer said...

Love the haikus!

Ian said...

Thanks, Jess! Some things are so much funnier in form.