Sunday, August 17, 2008

Food Haiku

I was drinking coffee at my apartment the other day and of all things, it inspired me to write some haiku-all of which, for whatever reason, ended up being about food, perhaps evidence of my lament concerning the ever-rising cost of food in this country.

The curls of the cream
In my coffee twist and turn
Somehow sinister.

Sometimes I subsist
On just grilled cheese sandwhiches
And tomato soup.

When someone makes me
A hot breakfast, my heart warms
More than my stomach.

Speaking of cream-curls, last year around this time, my coworkers and I spent a surprising amount of time taking pictures of cream falling and swirling into iced tea.

I'm quite fine with being so easily amused in this fashion.


Kj said...

love these

and grilled cheese and tomato soup is not subsistence- it's bliss!

Ryan said...

Hehe, these are great. And you know that I have to throw in a Buffy quote:

"I'm glad you like poetry, Buffy."
"I wish I had time for it, but...I don't right now."
"Well, maybe short poems."
"Yeah! Like those, um, Japanese ones that...sound like a sneeze?"