Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sauntom of Qolace

I still have not seen all the James Bond movies. My dad was a fan of them growing up and he and I watched many of them together-especially the Sean Connery ones as he was always the favorite around our house. The Bond Babes, though, were not my mother's favorite parts of the films, thus there was a lot of fast-forwarding going on, however tame the scenes might have been for a late 20th century audience. I am pretty sure I have seen all the Bond films that have come out since I was born, certainly all the mostly-unfortunate Pierce Brosnan movies-and concerning his take on Bond, I always felt he came across as a rather heartless, brick wall of a character. I very much enjoyed Casino Royale, when I saw that at the Cinerama here in downtown Seattle with my dad once again. Daniel Craig's rippled physique and the watch-me-coming-out-of-the-ocean-in-my-hot-shorts-in-slow-motion scene didn't hurt my perception of the movie in the least-hence my guiltness inclusion of Mr. Craig's picture here. I'm also a sucker for dynamic, innovative credit sequences and the visuals associated with the opening of Casino Royale accompanied by a great theme song hit the spot for me.

A recent post over at Ain't It Cool News joked that the video below was the new "leaked" theme song for Quantum of Solace set to come out in theatres later this year on-naturally-the 7th of November. In actuality, the official song is being written and performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White.

Even though it might be somewhat of a convoluted title, I think Quantum of Solace has a nice, slick ring to it nonetheless and the recent trailer that came out for the movie is a great one. I still don't see why all the comparisons are made to the Bourne movies-I think Bond is still distinct character and property-and in Bond's current incarnation, he's much more of a pleasure to look at than Matt Damon.

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