Monday, August 11, 2008

Buffy Lives Petition

The alternate cover for the "special" 20th issue of Buffy Season 8 has hit the interwebs and while it does not necessarily have the charm or warmth of the Rockwellian Jo Chen cover I previously posted, it does do a great job of portraying the cast in the fully animated style-Cordelia especially looks a lot like her live-action counterpart.

The 20th issue of Season 8 will be partially drawn in this animated style and will take place in the alternate "monks-changed-my-memory" timeline, thus the inclusion of a younger Dawn in the front.

All the excitement, with the "leaked" pilot presentation, issue #20 and Season 8 in general, has prompted a big resurgence in fan action to resurrect the animated series in some form or another. Fan interest has spawned a Facebook group and an online petition. The fan-made logo of the "Buffy Lives in 2-D" petition is below:

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