Friday, August 29, 2008

Misuse of Spandex

...or When Bad Costumes Happen to Otherwise Attractive Superheroes

I have seen only a handful of episodes of Smallville and I have heard that the writing is not very strong, although someone or a sizeable group of someones must find it appealing enough to keep it going for an 8th season!

The CW just released a couple of promotional images for the upcoming season. Justin Hartley as Green Arrow-formerly Aquaman-and Alan Ritchson as Aquaman.

I will paraphrase an article from an old issue of Details-the one with Hayden Christensen on the cover-that I read while waiting for my hair appointment:

All superhero costumes, whether they be for a male or female, are essentially tinted bodies.

These costumes don't even give us that satisfaction.

UPDATE: I loved this comment at i09 on an article about Darkseid's rumored appearance on the next season of Smallville.

The more I've heard about Smallville over the succeeding years, the more it reminded me of how easily Star Trek Voyager took creepy, fearsome antagonists like the Borg and made them as ineffectual as a sitcom next-door neighbor who pops in to grab a snack from your kitchen, cracks wise, then disappears.

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