Friday, July 4, 2008

Some Kind of Holiday

This morning, I woke up early so that I could go to the gym. I rolled out of bed, packed my bag, grabbed a snack and headed out the door to meet Keith outside so that we could get all bulked up, you know, like you do at the gym. We got to the gym around 9:15, pulled the handle on the door and…no go. The gym is closed on the Fourth of July. It seems that this holiday is a big deal.

Keith suggested that we go do breakfast somewhere as he did not have to work today and I did not have to be in to work until 11:00AM. We had a great, big breakfast at Lola. I had a Dungeness Crab Omelet with toast, bacon and smashed garlic potatoes. Delicious. Our waiter-whose name is also Ian-said that he didn't expect the restaurant to be so busy today, even with it being a holiday. We declared that people getting up early in the morning of July 4th is decidedly un-American and that the common Fourth of July program should entail sleeping in, lounging around and not eating until the Bar-B-Cue in the afternoon prior to watching the fireworks in the evening. We then concluded that this obviously madeeveryone else in the restaurant foreigners and Ian-the waiter-joked that they were indeed preparing "Freedom Toast" in the back for the patrons of the restaurant as they intended to cater toward the true American way.

Having eaten well, essentially, Keith and I did the opposite of what we were intending to do at the gym.

I wanted to hit up Zanadu, the comic book store, afterwards before work to start reading Buffy Season Eight #16 but sadly, that establishment was also closed for business.

Now? Counting the hours until I am off work-yes, working on the 4th of July, hey, other people are welcome work, but I don't really care to. I will be going to a houseboat party later on this evening to see the fireworks on South Lake Union. According to TIME magazine, Washington Mutual’s Fireworks Display is on a list of the top fireworks displays in the country! In this picture, you can see these fireworks on Lake Union and the illuminated structures of Gasworks Park in the lower left hand corner.

I will say that last year's Fourth of July events were really incredible. I was also at a houseboat party with great friends and we were as close to the fireworks as you could legally be. At the start of the show they have a huge military helicopter with an equally large American flag draped beneath circle Lake Union just over the water with a massive spotlight. It was really great, so I look forward to another fun evening on the water this year!

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