Friday, July 4, 2008

Slaying in Pictures

Our Mrs. Reynolds, Nikki Stafford herself-why the "Firefly" reference, I'm not sure exactly, it just sounds cool-has posted some pictures of the Slayage Conference we attended at the beginning of June. She includes some great commentary thereon as well!

Isn't she adorable? Behind her is the "podium" aka food service table from which she gave her excellent keynote address.

There are a couple great pictures of our little "posse" which included Nikki, Sue, Ryan and I. I think all of these pictures are courtesy of Sue, so we definitely all appreciate her proclivity toward taking pictures.

I love Nikki's anecdote in this post about Sue and her miniature rebellion against this unusual-for us-legislation:

I also mentioned numerous times that Henderson was in a dry county, which shocked everyone. Here is Sue's contraband bottle of wine, hidden so cleverly in this brown paper bag. (She carried it around all weekend and would occasionally lean down under one of the conference tables to take a slug. She's such a boozer. She says that because I don't drink it always makes her feel MORE like one. Oh, Sue... the first step to overcoming your problem is taking responsibility for it...) I reassured her it was well-masked in the bag, and everyone would assume it was her laptop.

I had so much fun with these people its uncanny. I'd love to plan a reunion, like a "Laverne & Shirley" or "Brady Bunch" reunion but longer, without a laugh track and far more "Buffy." There's always Slayage Conference 4 to look forward to in 2010, but I certainly don't think I can wait til then.

It's really impossible to pick a favorite moment from the conference. I loved every second of it-well, maybe except for the hangover the morning after Ryan and I finished over half a bottle of Absolut vodka. Seriously, we had so much fruit punch and vodka, watching everything from Brenda Dickson videos to behind-the-scenes Buffy vids.

Ryan and I agreed that despite our criticisms of the county we were in being a dry one perhaps alcohol "had the last laugh" after all.


Cedar said...

I don't know if we actually met at the conference--but you do look very familiar from the photos. I introduced myself to everyone I possibly could on the first night's "welcome" (at that odd little place downtown). Were you at the conference in 2006 too? In any event, I'm enjoying your posts on Nikki's blog, and I love the photo you have here with the food trays in the background. LOL.

Nikki Stafford said...

Yay, I haven't found a photo of that food podium yet, and I'm so glad you have one! :)

We totally have to get together before 2010... you guys should seriously consider the film festival. It's SO much fun!

And you should see how soused Sue gets during the films... whew!