Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Buffy Tarot Card Rumor

A few days ago I made this post about Dark Horse Comics' cancellation of the Buffy Tarot Deck. An online comic blog, Lying In The Gutters had this to say regarding the news.


The Buffy Tarot card set from Dark Horse is cancelled. No reasons are given, but I hear talk it was due to conflicts with the representatives of certain actors/actresses who appear on the cards. Apparently make believe occult nonsense is fine, but an actual item that might be used in the black arts is not.

But really. You think someone would have predicted this. Somehow.

Also, I'm betting that most of it lies on the shoulders of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Any artist who makes a depiction of her in comics or any other published medium must go through a rigorous acceptance process so that her image remains consistent-and yet somehow she still doesn't always look like herself in comic book or artist-rendered form.


Ryan said...

I'm sure that SMG is the culprit and, pardon my language, but bitch needs to get over herself.

My warm feelings for her started to go cold right around the time she married Freddie - boo. I don't think she's bitter about 'Buffy,' but I think she considers herself bigger than the show, which, based upon her past few films, I think we can all agree is false.

You've seen her in 'Cruel Intentions,' right? If you haven't, stop what you're doing and go rent it right now. Trust me.

Ryan said...

Oh and also, my new favorite Bren Dad Ickson line is:

"My thumb was broken in a...acting accident."

Cedar said...

Have you read the most recent Season Eight (Issue 16)? Neither Buffy nor Willow looks anything like in the previous issues (let alone in TV show). Perhaps I am simply not adept at reading comics, but the images just didn't seem right to me this time. ("If you want her to be exactly. She'll never be exactly. I know. The only really real Buffy is really Buffy. And she's gone, who?")