Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Again with the grunting"

Faith: "Tell me that if you don't get in a good slaying, after a while, you just start itching for some vamp to show up so you can give him a good -- (grunt)."
Buffy: "Again with the grunting."
“Bad Girls” Season 3 Episode 14

Electric Tiki just released their latest design in their series of “tooned-up” Buffy maquettes. It appears that next on their agenda is a great pose of Faith.

I think of the ones approved for design so far including the already producedBuffy and Willow statuettes, this new Faith design is the most dynamic and my favorite. Looking through Electric Tiki’s website, I found the following images that depict the three primary design submissions for the tooned-up Buffy maquette.

According to the website, both the last and the center figure met approval from SMG’s reps (the one in the middle is also the one finally produced). The one on the top from "Chosen", for whatever reason, didn’t make it.

As far as the produced Buffy statue, I don’t feel like it really captures the essence Buffy. She looks really happy as they sculpted her and they tried to do a little bit of anger in her left eye, but all in all, I do not see a true reflection of Buffy’s character. I don’t think it shows the Buffy we all love, but sort of a stand-in. It is-again-strange that the design met the approval of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s representatives. It looks little like her and it just doesn’t seem like that exciting of a pose.

However, I really like the last one above with the pony-tail and the scythe! That particular combination is from “End of Days”. I would definitely consider getting the last one-I mean, really anything with the Slayer scythe is going to get big points with me. Speaking of which, I would very much like one. Birthday? Christmas? Maybe?

With their “Vengeance Willow” statue, even though it does not resemble Alyson Hannigan at all, I do love that they chose to dress Willow in her outfit from the episode, “Tough Love”, in which Willow goes to-unsuccessfully-take revenge on Glory for “feeding” on Tara’s mind. That scene in particular is so powerful-not to mention all flashy-like with the special effects. And shouldn't Willow have black eyes in the statue or does that come later in the scene?

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