Thursday, June 26, 2008


I must open this post by saying that I never read comic books on a regular basis until about a year ago beginning with the new Star Wars comic book, multi-media phenomenon called Star Wars: Legacy. The story is set about 100 years in the future from where the current novels are in the whole Star Wars timeline. That comic follows the exploits of a rogue Jedi named Cade Skywalker who continues to struggle with his destiny-as a Skywalker, he's got a lot behind him to live up to and also to fight against. It is unknown how exactly he is descended from the Skywalker line, but what matters most is that he carries the name and the burden that comes with. In any case, when I was in elementary school most of my friends and myself included were fairly bookish and not at all comic-bookish.

When my (healthy) obsession with Buffy began, I immediately picked up the first story arc of the Season 8 continued in comic book form-The Long Way Home-and I have been voraciously reading the rest of the issues as they come out on newstands, or rather, as they are slipped under my door by the kind mail-man.

Prompting this particular post was my recent reference to the mutant Iceman from the X-Men comics, movies, etc. I was looking for this image to include but I could not remember the exact number of the issue and countless searches on Google still didn't reveal what I was looking for. So, I came home and checked.

I picked up X-Men #190 just after I moved into my new apartment in August 2006 down at Golden Age Collectables in Pike Place Market just a few minutes walk from my house. As with the aforementioned Buffy Tarot Deck I was far more drawn to the artwork than whatever content it may contain. I have since learned that this issue-honestly I didn't even read it before putting it on my wall-includes the storyline "Supernovas," that "Northstar and Aurora kicked ass completely and utterly" and that Bobby Drake might be an Omega level mutant. What exactly that means, I don't know-although I think Jean Grey and Professor X are also Omega level. Maybe I am more of a comic book geek than I perceive myself. Regardless, I absolutely love the layout of this cover and the way Iceman's body is melting into the X-Men title at the bottom of the page. So cool and kinda sexy. Not to mention I've always had a thing for Iceman. I bought the issue and promptly had it framed with a matte board surrounding the comic that picks up on the turquoise in the drawing.

Still, every now and then I'll grab another comic just for the amazing artwork on the cover-I think I'll frame the third issue of Buffy Season 8 next.


Ryan said...

In response to your earlier post about Bobby Drake's coming-out in X2, I believe that I booed aloud when I saw that. Always a fan of X-Men, I was like, "Buffy did that years ago...and better." They even used the same line of "Have you tried...not being a mutant?" Boo.

And, PS, "Miles Away" is my song du jour...and you're to blame/credit.

Ian said...

Having not seen X2 in awhile I had forgotten they used the same line! The nerve...

Oh you make me happy..."Miles Away" must listen to it right now...