Friday, June 27, 2008

So Fierce

Last night I continued my "Introduction to Buffy" spree with my friend Keith-our most recent session had us watching "I, Robot...You, Jane." Yeah. and "The Puppet Show" as we are in the middle of Season 1.

I came home around 10:30 and was about to call it a night when my friend Kent texted me about a certain celebrity he was with at a hip and happening local bar. I immediately got my shoes back on and made the short jaunt over to where they were hanging out together. The place was absolutely crowded-pretty men and boys and a few women for good measure filled the place as usual-but I saw my friend standing in the middle of the bar with his trademark suit on. He was next to a group of people hovered over the shortest-but most fierce-guy in the entire bar. Kent introduced me to the fabulosity that is this man. Christian Siriano, of Project Runway fame and the winner of the most recent incarnation of the show, Season 4. The second Kent mentioned I was his "BFF" Christian gave me a hug and pecked me on each cheek. Then we complemented each other on our outfits, you know, like you do with all the fashion greats. I'm pretty sure he was wearing almost the exact same outfit as this picture, but what you can't see here is the embroidery on his shirt which was really awesome.

Christian was in town yesterday for a benefit-it being pride weekend and all-and my friend Kent is one of the reporters for an up-and-coming online magazine called My City Chic. Kent often does interviews with a bunch of designers at various events around the city-and he'll fit you with a great outfit too. All in all, Christian was so nice and such a pleasure to talk with-it's too bad he is not able to stick around for the rest of the pride festivities this weekend. Thanks to Kent for the introduction!

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Keith said...

Christian and I in the same post? awes. (that is an abbrev.)