Monday, June 16, 2008

My Shoes Are So Fascinating...

Like many others, last night I watched the Tony Awards, but followed them throughout the evening, even before the telecast here in Seattle. As I was starting my shift at Intiman Theatre, my friend Wayne from New York informed me that as he was watching the show live, they had just announced that Bartlett Sher, Intiman's Artistic Director, had won his first Tony! His was for best director of the South Pacific revival at Lincoln Center in New York. Two years ago Intiman Theatre won their first Tony for Best Regional Theatre and the small but impressive statue is encased in glass in our lobby. Later that evening, my friend told me he was walking past Radio City Music Hall just as the Tony Awards were getting out. He was a bit star-struck to say the least. I would have loved to be there too!

I have never seen the film, Xanadu but I know enough about it to know that the new Broadway Musical, Xanadu must be one of the most sparkliest, rainbowy shows ever. I can only imagine what their "Pegasus/ Glitter/ Rollerskate" budget looks like. Kerry Butler plays the role made infamous by Olivia Newton-John in the original 1980 movie (congrats to Butler on her 2008 Best Actress American Theatre Wing Tony Award Nomination) and the hunky, muscular-thighs-in-jean-cut-off-shorts-kiss-me-on-a-Central-Park-bench, Cheyenne Jackson, plays the male lead. Cheyenne is originally from Idaho but moved to Seattle before heading off to New York about seven years ago. So, you know, there's already some connection there.

Earlier this afternoon, Keith and my mutual friend Brent sent a great little skit to us with the wonderfully funny and talented Nathan Lane and my aforementioned One-Time-Seattle-ite, Cheyenne.

Thanks, Brent!

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