Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am writing an exciting new paper for a new conference. Grad apps are in. I completed my annual tradition of watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy-the extended edition, of course-during the month of December, though not in one sitting. It snowed. My apartment is freezing. I am going home for Christmas.

And poor as I may be, I allowed myself to buy a pair of suspenders this afternoon. I haven't owned suspenders in two decades-give or take. I also wrote just shy of a dozen haikus today. They will make their way onto the blog in due time.

Here is the first of the lot:

These new suspenders
Will make many more outfits
From this small closet.

And yes, dear readers, these are the very suspenders I now own.

So many wardrobe possibilities-possibly paired with a black bow tie or any number of the colorful and fanciful-and by fanciful I mean absolutely ridiculous-bow ties passed down to me from my father's childhood collection. Seriously, there's a box. Don't get me started on the neckties.

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