Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Hour

There are still a few places in town you can get a cosmopolitan under $5.00 during happy hour. What about $2.00? Believe it or not, Bleu Bistro serves $2.00 cosmos and lemondrops during their happy hours-often bringing them to the table two at a time. You also can't go to Bleu without having their Wasabi Grilled Cheese sandwhich served with three dipping sauces. Bread, cheese and dipping. Yes please.

Still my favorite happy hour in town has to be at Palomino from 4-6PM everyday. Who can beat $5.00 pizzas and $4.00 (formerly $3.00) wine, appletinis and draft beer?

Today's haiku:

I am at happy
hour on an empty stomach.
I will eat this lime.

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