Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recall of Heaven's Army

This afternoon I had about 45 minutes between one shift and the next at the bar and decided to venture out into the gorgeous weather Seattle has been having in order to pass the time. I initially figured on going to Third Place Books, where I inevitably purchase a book that I may or may not read, but feel the desire to have on my bookshelf in either case. Before getting to that destination, I saw Easy Street Records on the corner, calling my name. I decided I would be honest with myself and figured I would actually be more likely to watch movies than read books in the near future. Plus, I have always seen movies as a very social thing, and reading Michael Cunningham's latest novel (which I had previously purchased from Third Place Books)in a round while sipping on port just doesn't seem as thrilling as a movie-get-together.

Easy Street has a perpetually rotating selection of used DVDs so I peruse the shelves every now and then looking for good deals on those movies I always thought I either should own or really want to own-I like to think that alot of times my choices fit both categories.

Today's purchases included:

Cheap entertainment for several evenings: Priceless.

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