Monday, April 6, 2009

"How to Receive a Fax"

The other day, we learned about misleading out-of-office replies. Today's topic is on "How To Receive a Fax." I'm used to getting calls or having people ask about how to send a fax. "Do I dial 9 to get out?" "Do I put it face down or face up?" and that sort of thing. Today someone called me about receiving a fax. On the rare occasion that I am faxed, I wait for it to be put in my box, or if I know when it's coming, I wait until it prints.

The following conversation took place between myself and a client in a business-office type setting:

How will I know the fax is for me?
Me: Um...ask your party to put a cover sheet with your name on it.
Client: How do I keep it private?
Me: Well, you can have them put a cover sheet with it in addition to putting your name on it. Or wait for it to come out.
Client: What if someone takes it?
Me: Um...have them put your name on it.

Or take it first because you're standing right in front of the machine.

Also, I would also be open to offering a tutorial on "How To Leave Voicemails that A) Don't take three times to listen to in order to get all the info B) Don't take five minutes to listen to in the first place C) Don't exist-ie. email me."

In related news, the usefulness of voicemail is fading according to The New York Times. I tend to agree.

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