Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonder Woman (2009)

I just finished watching the direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman film released about a week ago and I was really pleased with the experience. It features the voices of Keri Russell, in her first animated role, as Wonder Woman and everyone's favorite captain, Nathan Fillion as Captain Steve Trevor and Alfred Molina as the God of War, Ares and several other notable actors and voice talent.

This is Lauren Montgomery's second time sitting in the director's chair for a superhero movie and having a female director for Wonder Woman translates quite well here. From quippy dialogue, to a gag with Diana hitting a mythological creature with a high heel, to the interwoven themes of sisterhood and womanhood, Wonder Woman is incredibly relevant while being entertaining. While on the whole, the film should be considered "lighter fare"-it should please comic book fans and the casual viewer alike-this is an animated film that does not shy away from adult material; it depicts violence when appropriate and directly confronts misogyny and what it means to be a woman in this world.

The film presents Wonder Woman as not just a warrior for justice or peace, like other traditional superheroes, but as an ambassador for the female sex, one who understands the need for balance between man and woman in the sphere of a relationship in addition to a global scale. She is the catalyst for the Amazonians realization that their isolated, hidden island in the Aegean sea is not paradise without the mixed challenges and joys of the "outside" and ignorance of the importance of a global perspective is not bliss. Eden did not last, nor can the Amazonian's mystical island of Themyscira with its populace having gained experiential knowledge of good and evil.

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