Friday, March 6, 2009

Of Dexter

When I came back from New Mexico and my short but remarkable trip to New York City, I had the first disc of the first season of Dexter waiting for me in my mail-(I am caught up on Weeds on DVD which has been fantastic and exactly what I wanted it to be).

I had read some time prior that Dexter is considered a sympathetic serial killer, but I don't think I've gotten to that emotional crux on my part. A few episodes in, I feel more numb than anything else and that could be exactly what the show is trying to do at the beginning, numb you, then slowly prick you until you start to regain feeling-albeit in a different manner. If there is one character I am most sympathetic for at this point, it is Julie Benz as Dexter's girlfriend-if you can call her that-of whom, in the pilot episode, Dexter says is

"the right woman for me. Deb saved her life on a domestic dispute call, introduced us and we've been dating for six months now. It's perfect because Rita, is, in her own way, as damaged as me."


Nikki Stafford said...

Stick with it. I remember starting Dexter and I quit 3 episodes in. It was so dark, and, like you, I felt nothing for this guy. I thought the show's opening credits were hideous (ok, I STILL jump past them), and the world has enough bad stuff in it already without me having to go seek it out.

But my husband kept watching, and he begged me to come back. So I did, and it's one of my favourite shows. Dex really will grow on you, and Benz gets better and better with each season. :)

Ian said...

I just reached episode 6, "Return to Sender," which was both thrilling and tear-inducing so, I think, mayhaps, Dexter got me.