Sunday, October 12, 2008

Britney & I Are Back

I made my return to Seattle on Friday evening on a direct flight from JFK leaving the music, lights and relentless buzz of New York City behind. I was glad to have been able to spend such a significant amount of time there to experience so much of the city.

On my last night in the city, my friends there took me out to a multi-level club in Manhattan called Splash and we danced the night away in the over-the top atmosphere of the "Campus Thursdays" theme night complete with Go-Go dancers and $3 Long Island Iced Teas-which, I'm not keen on ordering any other time except for when they're a third of the price of everything else offered at the bar. It was also Madonna night-in anticipation of her tour stop at Madison Square Garden on Saturday-which apparently only meant they were showing Madonna videos and really not playing many of her songs. All in all, I'd go back for sure.

Half the time I kept thinking that the DJ was playing the same three songs over and over again. That thought probably wasn't entirely true but thankfully one of the songs that was definitely played a handful of times was the following. I thought of my friend Ryan-Britney supporter-as the first beats of the song boomed over the stereo. Check out his admirable "Defense of Blackout" over here. I have to admit, this one is growing on me with its shameless repetitive pop beats and simplistic yet sassy lyrics.

Of course, some songs are just better when accompanied by dancing, pretty people, a splashy club scene and Long Islands.

I was pleased to find the music video for "Womanizer" had been released whilst my absence from the internets.

And, if the song doesn't do it for you, the music video is nice, flashy and very..."charged." Who is that guy?!

The director of this video Joseph Kahn also directed Britney's “Stronger” and “Toxic” videos-the latter of which remains my favorite Britney music video. Kahn's pop-saturated aesthetic most recently won the Pussycat Dolls a VMA for their “When I Grow Up” video, which I haven't seen-and is for a song that has not grown on me like other pop singles of late.

I'm happy to be back-maybe not the whole working part-and Britney too, will be coming back full force December 2nd with new album, Circus. I'm sure Splash will be hosting a release party. Ryan?


Ryan said...

Welcome back! I'm so pleased to hear that you had a great time in New York - I have never been there (some day...some day...).

What I like about "Womanizer," and what excites me the most about it, is that it proves the pessimistic hypothesis in my Blackout review false: she isn't going for a serious, "adult" album, but for one that sounds very similar to Blackout. Color me happy.

(Plus, the music video, as you point out, is hot as hell).

Ryan said...

PS I found out who the womanizer in the video is:

His name is Brandon Stoughton:

Brandon on OhLaLaMag

Anonymous said...

Wow, that video was hot. I watched it at work and when the video started I said, "woah, naked Britney" and everyone crowded around to watch. It was quite amusing. :-D